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November 5, 2016


I am writing this letter to offer my support to the Port Arthur Minority Chamber of Commerce and to request that other community partners do the same.  Port Arthur has the potential to become one of the most advancing cities in the state of Texas and the United States.

In order for this city to grow, it must include all of its citizen’s interest and they must have opportunities to participate in the economic and financial business in the Port Arthur region. The Port Arthur Greater Minority Chamber of Commerce can play a major role in achieving these goals. One of the issues that need to be addressed in Port Arthur is the opportunity for diversity of economics in the region. This respected chamber could lead the way.

The well-known credibility of this chamber can bring individuals from all sectors of the city to discuss problems and assist in providing consensus solutions which will be good for the city of Port Arthur. This chamber consists of elected officials, business persons, the faith based community, and representatives from the working class.

In order for an organization to succeed and reach its goals, it must have leaders who are respected in the community. They must also have a vision and knowledge on how to organize and implement their vision to achieve their goals.

Mr. Roosevelt Petry, Jr., President and CEO of GP Industrial Contractors, Inc., and one of the founders of this chamber has demonstrated leadership while serving on several public and private boards.  He is also a visionary who will provide sound, achievable consensus solutions for the chamber.

In summary, I am sure that this respected chamber can provide the type of leadership that will result in increasing diversity in the region that will lead to a win-win situation for all.



Howard Jefferson

NAACP National Board Member

Member, State NAACP Executive Committee